"As we celebrate our anniversary, with immense gratitude I would like to tell you, your articles have made a huge difference to Frozen Thoughts. Your column is one of the most read columns in FT and you have a fan club to your writing." T.T.Rangarajan, Editor, Frozen Thoughts.
"Megha is one of the most creative and original writers I have worked with. Her depth of thinking and ability to convey it in a way that is fresh and thought-provoking makes her one of Life Positive's most popular writers." Suma Varughese, Editor, Life Positive.
Megha has been an inspiration to me since I have started reading her creations. When I got an opportunity to get trained by her, I was just overwhelmed. Being with WOW gets that Wow factor!! It's much more than getting trained as a writer, I would say, it creates a personality... it truly creates!! Priyadarshini Bhat, Assistant Manager at Axcend Automation and Software Solutions
Megha functions through the heart, both in her writing and her teaching. As a teacher she's keen to nurture the emotions of the child while teaching language. As a writer, there is an honest emotional unfolding that may lead to an insight. Harvinder Kaur, Director, India Council for Integral Education, Sri Aurobindo Society.
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Over the past couple years, Wilco has been working closely with author Megha Bajaj on a variety of books including fiction, creative writing, kids activities and story books. Megha is a fantastic writer who can adapt her writing according to the topic and age group at hand and has a wonderful imagination which makes her work interesting and very enjoyable to children. It has been an immense pleasure to work with her and we look forward to creating some more great best-sellers with her in the future! Natasha Shah, Owner and Editor, Wilco Publishers

“I consider myself blessed and fortunate to have joined Megha Bajaj's writing course. She is a powerful motivator and points out the flaws in your writing in a subtle, gentle but clear manner. She encourages you to explore new areas and shed your inhibitions. She has got all the qualities of a great teacher and guide." Parameswaran. H, Chennai.

"I am doing WoW writing course and I can define it in two words: Life Transforming. I am writing about emotions I never even knew existed within me. When I compared my writing from session 1 to session 4 I felt like I have become a new person. I am enjoying every bit of this self discovery." Shyam, IT, Chennai.

"My youngster is doing the WoW course and I find her becoming much more expressive and fluent in writing. With each session I have seen growth in her!" Keerti, Housewife, Mumbai.

"You have introduced me to me… what else can I say?" Swati Raman, writer, New Jersey.

"My sleep has become deeper and my gastritis problems have simply disappeared ever since I have done your expressive writing course… I cant thank you enough." Nomita Bose, principal, Calcutta
The best compliment we can receive is the feedback from our happy wonder-ers. The heartwarming response that we have received from people and institutions over the year has been overwhelming. It gives us assurance that we are here for a reason. But don’t take our word for it; see what people have to say about us…

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