WoW workshops are divided into two broad categories… the writing workshops and the self-discovery workshops! While the writing ones can help you to tweak your thinking, unlock your creativity, write and publish, the self-discovery workshops have the potential to introduce you to that one person who has been waiting since years to meet you… You!

Online Workshops

WoW has a wide array of online workshops for you to choose from…

While some workshops are for adults only, others also cater to your young ones, above nine.While some workshops are best used for thinking, writing, expressing and unlocking creativity, others play an important role in helping you to understand your subconscious mind, heal it and use it effectively to create a life of abundance.

Each of our workshops has the potential of taking you on an exciting journey of self-exploration. While we play a more active role in the writing ones, our role is confined to that of a facilitator in the more subtle, spiritual workshops.

Our workshops are not time bound or space bound and allow you to sip into each session at leisure, making the entire process extremely enriching and exciting.

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