'WoW' aspires to bring about a radical change in the way English is taught in schools. We have developed an English workbook (with subtle layers of ATTITUDE DEVELOPMENT) called "I am WoW" which not only touches upon all the key language skills like Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar but also deals with the inner and outer world of a child.

These workbooks are available for all the fourteen standards in a school (from LKG – Twelfth Grade). Simple and effective, interesting and inspiring, WoW really helps children to transform their attitude towards English, and even more importantly, towards themselves, their family, friends and life... a must in the fast paced world today. A lot of study and research has gone into the creation of these books. A team of experts has worked day in an day out with children from different backgrounds to understand their needs better. The books can be used across all boards as it has a universal tone and relates to kids of all backgrounds. Idea is, if children develop a liking for English and writing, it will help them enjoy and do well in other subjects as well.

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“I AM WOW’ booklets have English Enrichment exercises blended with subtle layers of spirituality, introspection and values - something our kids REALLY need! Having gone through few of those worksheets I instantly decided to take this forward for all the 4000 students of my school.” - Gayathri Ramachandran, Principal, Shri Natesan Vidhyasala, Chennai.

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